Climate Fight vs Corona Virus

Mar 18, 2020DMA Engineering

Climate fight mirrors coronavirus fight — are we ready?

Coronavirus has taken hold and the forthcoming economic impact will be tough for many. It does make me question our response and what we could have done to be better prepared.  My perception is that South Korea, Taiwan and others may have had a more prepared response than others. 

In the US, were we forward-thinking enough? Should we have reacted differently in January? Would that have kept the spread at bay and the economic impacts less severe? Hard to say if it would have given us more resiliency and maintained our way of life a little better. I always err on the side of being proactive and going for the right solution instead of the easy, reactive solution.

Personally, I have been wrestling with this and what it means to climate change and the built environment. They operate in parallel for me. The virus is seen by some as a natural disaster and will affect the economy as such; climate change can also be looked at as a natural disaster and will have to behave the same way. Albeit maybe the impacts will be at a slower pace that a hurricane, etc. 

If we are not forward-thinking and looking at how to build resiliency into our built environment TODAY the impacts of climate change could be significant and extract pain for individuals, families, communities, and businesses. My vision for DMA is that we work with employees, teams, and clients who want to plan for the impacts of climate change now. Leaders who understand the time is now to plan for what climate change will bring. I’m ready. DMA is ready. Is your business, home, building, or life ready for climate change? Let’s talk.