About Us

What gets our attention:

Designing building systems that are efficient and healthy is our passion! Through education and collaboration with our clients we reduce the environmental impact of their projects.  Our mission is to make the world a better place by creating efficient systems – this can be seen in the projects that we produce and the way we operate our business.

We exclusively choose to work with clients who demonstrate respect for the environment and the health of people who inhabit these spaces. We collaborate with our clients to build long-term value into their buildings by designing cost-effective, regenerative systems that make the world a better and more sustainable place.

We bring expertise, coupled with excitement and creativity, to every project. We keep and maintain an open-mind through every aspect of a project with the goal of leaving each building owner excited and satisfied.

We are members of ASHRAE,  and AIA and the USGBC.  We are also members of the Denver Metro Building Owners and Managers Association & Colorado Restaurant Association, as part of our commitment to improved safety and air quality in buildings & restaurants.

We do our part for the built environment and our community.  Reframing old business methods to a regenerative framework that focuses on profit, along with employee satisfaction, community involvement and building a sustainable future.

Our Staff

Steven Forrester

Steven Forrester

Principal Engineer


Steven Forrester started DMA Engineering in 2008 to make a difference in the world through his engineering talents– by designing high-quality renewable energy systems for residential and commercial buildings. Steven’s passion is pushing both the leading edge of design, and the way that people think and interact with buildings. Steven’s primary role at DMA as principal engineer, is to oversee projects and operations with his expertise in mechanical system design. He is the guiding force in soliciting business and is the visionary for the development of the team.

Steven’s career experience validates his mission to make buildings better members of society. He brings over 20 years of experience to his current role including project management, valuable hands-on experience in how buildings are constructed, competency in energy modeling, technical assistance for the team, and quality assurance on all deliverables.

Steven is a Colorado native who grew up in the Washington Park neighborhood. He earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver, and maintains his Professional Engineer’s licenses in two states. When not in the office, Steven is involved in a sport for every season as an avid rock-climber, surfer, biker, and snowboarder.

Gabriel Solórzano

Gabriel Solórzano

Mechanical Design Engineer


Gabriel Solórzano is DMA’s Mechanical Design Engineer, otherwise known as our Design Tool, as he is usually on the drawing board. His primary role at DMA is to design energy-efficient HVAC and Hydronics systems. Gabriel helps by creating all the drawings, selections, and documents required for codes, permits, and construction.

Gabriel’s career experience and education validates his desire to design high-efficiency systems. He brings 10years of experience in engineering and construction of surface facilities for the oil and gas industry, education as an Energy Advisor, and EDGE Expert Certification. Gabriel brings to DMA a broad understanding of the energy interactions of a building.

A native from Quito, Ecuador, Gabriel collaborates remotely with DMA in pursuit of energy savings and a greener world. When not in the office, Gabriel enjoys swimming and going to the soccer arena to support his favorite team, LDU Quito.

Lena Crabtree

Lena Crabtree

Programs Manager

Lena Crabtree is DMA’s Programs Manager, otherwise known as the Daily Lama of the Details. Her primary role here at DMA is to oversee company processes and procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.  Lena helps us manage our resources, be responsive to clients and partners, and to communicate well.  

Lena’s career experience validates her lifelong desire to leave a positive imprint on the planet. She brings to this role, 17 years of project management in the engineering and humanitarian sectors.  Previous engineering and marketing experience focused on the significant environmental and economic benefits of water storage in natural aquifers.

Originally a native of Florida, Lena relocated to the Front Range in search of big blue skies, plenty of sunshine, and wide-open spaces for outdoor play. When not in the office, Lena is hiking in the mountains, spending time in her garden, and involving herself with important humanitarian sectors.


Alex Haughton

Alex Haughton

Commissioning Engineer


Alex Haughton is DMA’s Commissioning Engineer, otherwise known as our Boots on the Ground. He is our front-line engineer interfacing with clients on project sites. His primary role here at DMA is to assist with equipment inspections and controls performance concerning energy use and efficiency.

Alex’s career experience validates his desire to conserve and regenerate the natural environment. He brings three years of facility operations and cost analysis of systems with an understanding of where energy can be saved.

Originally native to Connecticut, Alex relocated to the Front Range in pursuit of a community that is sustainably focused. When Alex is away from the office, he can be found enjoying Colorado winters as an avid skier or fly fishing through the warmer months. He is driven to help preserve our winters and ecosystems, and to ensure a lifetime of deep powder turns, and tight fishing lines.