About Us

What gets our attention:

Designing building systems that are efficient and healthy is our passion! Through education and collaboration with our clients we reduce the environmental impact of their projects.  Our mission is to make the world a better place by creating efficient systems – this can be seen in the projects that we produce and the way we operate our business.

We exclusively choose to work with clients who demonstrate respect for the environment and the health of people who inhabit these spaces. We collaborate with our clients to build long-term value into their buildings by designing cost-effective, regenerative systems that make the world a better and more sustainable place.

We bring expertise, coupled with excitement and creativity, to every project. We keep and maintain an open-mind through every aspect of a project with the goal of leaving each building owner excited and satisfied.

We are members of ASHRAE,  and AIA and the USGBC.  We are also members of the Denver Metro Building Owners and Managers Association & Colorado Restaurant Association, as part of our commitment to improved safety and air quality in buildings & restaurants.

We do our part for the built environment and our community.  Reframing old business methods to a regenerative framework that focuses on profit, along with employee satisfaction, community involvement and building a sustainable future.