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    Building Performance Analyst

    DMA is seeking a highly skilled Building Performance Analyst. This position offers rewarding opportunities for growth for a motivated individual, who is looking for a meaningful role in our industry.


    About DMA Engineering

    Designing building systems that are efficient and healthy is our passion! Through education and collaboration with our clients we reduce the environmental impact of their projects. Our mission is to make the world a better place – now and for future generations. This can be seen in the projects that we produce and the way we operate our business.

    We collaborate with our clients to build long-term value into their buildings. We choose to work exclusively with clients who demonstrate respect for the environment and the health of people who inhabit these spaces.

    We bring expertise, coupled with excitement and creativity, to every project. We foster and maintain an open mind through every aspect of a project with the goal of leaving each building owner satisfied.

    We do our part for the built environment and our community. We are reframing old business methods to a regenerative framework that focuses not just on profit, but also on a thriving team, high customer value, a strong network, community involvement and supporting a sustainable future.



    The Building Performance Analyst (BPA) will add value to DMA’s sustainability consulting endeavors on high performance building design projects. The BPA will manage individually assigned projects, collaborate with team members on other projects, and maintain client relationships.


    Core Responsibilities Include

    Analysis and Research

    • Create field-monitoring plans and sensor deployment plans for building systems.
    • Utilize energy simulation software for building optimization and analysis such as OpenStudio, EnergyPlus, SkySpark (including Python, and Folio programming experience if any).
    • Lead technical research projects related energy Codes & Standards, Utility field studies, and utility commercial incentive program development.
    • Utilize energy simulation software for building optimization and analysis such as OpenStudio, VE-IES, EnergyPlus (including Python programming experience if any).
    • Leverage data analytics platforms like Tableau and Skyspark to understand, visualize, and educate clients about building design and operations insights.
    • Analyze data, from energy models and continuous commissioning systems.
    • Apply in-depth understanding of advanced commercial HVAC systems to evaluate options, simulate performance, analyze results, develop recommendations, prepare financial analyses, and present to clients.
    • Maintain leading-edge knowledge of best sustainability practices by influential designers and engineers and bring appropriate opportunities to projects.

    Best Practices/Deliverables

    • Interpret and apply code and program requirements for IECC, building codes, LEED, Zero Energy, ASHRAE standards, incentives programs, and other relevant building and energy standards.
    • Review building design plans, documentation, and contractor submittals for alignment with final energy models.
    • Prepare logically organized, technically accurate, and clearly presented emails and reports.
    • Outline work plans prior to starting work, maintain logically organized and labeled files, and adequately document decisions or activities.
    • Provide regular status updates or reports in web-based project tracking system and review progress with team.
    • Understand contract work scopes, work within budgets, and meet billable targets.
    • Establish thought leadership by writing blog posts, delivering presentations, being active in outside organizations, and educating and engaging with the greater community.
    • Assists in procurement and pursuit of new work and new clients; maintains existing client relationships

    Collaboration and Teamwork

    • Collaborate with interdisciplinary client teams and demonstrate credibility to give teams confidence to make better decisions based on objective data and real-world insights.
    • Be an effective project manager, acting as a main point of contact for clients, tracking schedules and deliverables, and producing or delegating as needed to get the work done.
    • Leverage other team members’ expertise or knowledge when needed; understand when to ask for help.
    • Do what needs to be done that may fall outside your formalized job role.


    About You

    You are passionate about high performance and sustainable buildings and have extensive experience with energy modeling. You enjoy the challenge of developing solutions to address the growing complexity of energy systems.  You have knowledge of third-party certification rating systems such as Living Building Challenge, Net Zero, Passive House, BREEAM.

    You are excellent and resourceful. You are naturally curious and a creative problem solver. You know how find and resolve trouble spots. You lean into the hard stuff and are not afraid of the difficulties in a project or task.

    You are self-motivated and engaged. You readily offer high-level client service, direction and ongoing support. You have a deep desire to continuously learn and enhance your technical and professional skill set.

    You appreciate collaborative culture. You enjoy people. You thrive in the creative and collaborative nature of working on a small team. You enjoy rolling up your sleeves and continuously iterating and updating how we work so we can continue to get better at all that we do.

    You are time oriented. You have excellent organizational skills and can manage numerous tasks while staying focused and prioritizing accordingly. You are reliable. Your confidence shines through, you know how to get things done, and you can keep projects and tasks on track. You help us be on time with all that we do.

    You live in the details. You are task oriented. You have an ability to see the big picture for multiple projects, while also having a knack for the details.

    You are respectful of all your surroundings. You have a deep respect for the people that you work with and their ideas. You enjoy learning from other people, your environment, and projects. You are motivated to make a difference for the environment as you recognize it affects you directly. You have respect for yourself.

    You are aligned. You have a deep understanding of who you are and what you want. You know when to be playful and when to get work done.

    Requirements and Qualifications

    • Bachelor of Science degree in engineering; Master’s Degree preferred.
    • 3+ years of design consulting experience with focus on HVAC design and energy modeling
    • Proficiency in written and spoken English and strong inter-personal skills
    • Strong experience with energy modeling software such as EnergyPlus, DesignBuilder. eQUEST, or similar software
    • Knowledge of building science, energy systems and controls, and the ability to develop strategies to reduce energy consumption
    • Knowledge of standards, codes, and rating systems associated with sustainability and energy performance
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Office software (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
    • Ability to effectively prioritize multiple, simultaneous projects

    Ideal candidates will also possess one or more of the following:

    • Accreditation as a LEED AP
    • Certified HERS rater, or willing to become one.
    • Onsite building envelope commissioning BECxP
    • Professional Engineer Licensure (or working towards)
    • ASHRAE BEMP certification
    • Working knowledge of computer-aided design tools (e.g., Revit)
    • Experience with programming VBA or Python
    • Experience with FEA, CFD (e.g., OpenFOAM FlowSimulation)
    • Experience writing, reviewing, and presenting client project proposals

    About Your Future Team

    We are a small team that values each person’s unique genius and contribution to bring about amazing projects.

    We live in the fast lane. We are a small firm who handles a multitude of exciting environmentally conscious projects. We are always working on multiple projects at the same time and enjoy our days moving through projects.

    We love to play. While we are fast-paced and work hard to deliver outstanding results for our clients, we also value our time to play in the outdoors and have structured our working hours and location to accommodate an active lifestyle.

    We like to be involved. Being an active part of our community is important to us and we plan activities and givebacks throughout the year to demonstrate this commitment.

    We are energetic and naturally curious. We are always looking for new ways to improve the industry and enjoy educating clients of new leading-edge solutions for their buildings. We thrive when we can suggest, educate, and implement solutions.

    We are selective. We specifically choose to only work with clients who want to better their buildings through energy efficiency and design. This demonstrates the importance of the environment and designing buildings that will become better members of society. We are more of a boutique shop than a turn-and-burn engineering firm.

    Location and Hours

    DMA’s offices are located in beautiful Golden, Colorado. This is a full-time position. Remote work is acceptable, but you must be local (or willing to relocate) and able to meet at the office from time to time. We offer flexibility in workdays and hours so long as quality work is completed on time, team communications are effective and client requirements are met.

    Compensation and Benefits

    We offer a generous compensation package that includes unlimited PTO, health and retirement benefits, profit sharing, family leave, gym membership, and professional development. Salary will be based upon experience, in the $ 80,000.00-100,000.00 range.


    Please send your resume and cover letter to: