Expert Energy Consulting for Luxury and Commercial Properties

Engineering Better Futures

We’re combining our passion for energy efficiency, mechanical design, and commissioning to reimagine luxury home and commercial engineering, as well as engineering for old or existing spaces.

DMA takes the eco-conscious lifestyle to the next level in both residential and commercial spaces to foster a more comfortable way of living and a better future for the planet. We do that in three distinctive ways:


We believe that every built environment should serve its inhabitants while also protecting the world around it to make buildings better members of society. Putting our vast experience to use, we conduct environmental analysis impact studies and provide energy modeling for predictive performance to identify the lowest energy consumption solutions. Our goal is always to help our clients determine the smartest investment for their life and the environment.


DMA’s professionals bring unmatched value and unparalleled comfort to mechanical design, partnering energy efficiency and cost savings with luxury. We leverage our design skills and expertise to push the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver the most energy-conscious spaces for our clients with electric heating, radiant heating and cooling, indoor air quality, and displacement ventilation. We make net-zero projects happen, delivering resilient solutions that are beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly.


Commissioning is one of the most important things we do; it aligns with our values of making built environments better for people and better for the planet. We’ll uncover creative energy savings solutions to transform inefficient buildings into spaces that serve their inhabitants and the larger world around them. Commissioning offers an excellent way to address any performance issues and reevaluate systems and energy usage, making each building eco-friendly and functional.

From energy modeling to design and commissioning in new and existing build sites, DMA Engineering is paving the way for a world where high-end comfort and groundbreaking energy efficiency can coexist. With every project, we reach new heights, delivering lasting solutions that are as luxurious as they are innovative.

Resilient, high-end buildings require us to go the extra mile in everything we do. It’s not enough to engineer residences that merely check the boxes on building codes. We’re creating with long-term value in mind. Buildings, the people who inhabit them, and our world at large deserve that extra care and attention to sustainable detail. Here’s a look at how we’ve made it happen; past projects that showcase our skills and passions as a team.

Our Impact