How can we make buildings better members of society?

Join Steven Forrester (PE, BEMP BCxP CGD LEED AP BD+C) at the intersection of environmental awareness, entrepreneurship, and engineering, Passive House Designer) and expert guests explore this fascinating question and engage listeners with conversations that range from design and engineering to building operations and maintenance. We will learn more about the people, products, and newsworthy issues in our industry.

Peter Ewers - Founder and Principal Architect at Ewers Architecture
Jason Knoll - Founder of Being Imaginal Consulting
Joshua Vermillion - Associate Professor at the School of Architecture at UNLV
Christy Riggs, Prinicapl Architect at 308 LLC Architecture
Hope Medina, Sustainability Code and Plans Examiner with Shums Coda Associates
Bryan Bowen, Principal Architect at CADDIS Collaborative
Nathan Kipnis - Founder and Principal of Kipnis Architecture + Planning
Erin Elston - Associate at TKP Architects, Project Architect, NCARB
Paul Kriescher - Heart of a Building, Executive Producer/Host, Expert in Mechanical Design Engineering and Energy Management
Conor Merrigan - Sustainability Program Manager at Spirit Environmental
Graham Swett - Residential Architect and Associate at KGA Studio Architects
Todd Collins - Founder of AE Building System
Phil Jensen - Co-Owner of Sensible Heating and Cooling