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The fact is, eating in restaurants is one of the greatest risk factors associated with COVID-19, and people are very concerned.

A recent CDC investigation found that adults with positive COVID tests were twice as likely to have reported dining in a restaurant than those with negative results(1) and nearly 80% of adults report that they are anxious about indoor restaurant dining, according to a recent McKinsey and Company pulse survey (2).

Understanding these challenges, what concrete steps can restaurant operators take to protect people’s health and safety? How can they mitigate the risk of cross-contamination in their restaurants and regain the trust of patrons and staff that their environments are safe?

DMA Engineering has spent the last six months investigating the indoor air quality problem and helping restaurant operators answer these crucial questions.

Our team has thoroughly evaluated the best ways to eliminate cross-contamination in your dining room. Our 2-part whitepaper explains the issue, options to improve your indoor air quality, and how to finance the investment.

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1: CDC Study: