Construction Commissioning for New Buildings

We’ll Handle Your Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems


Energy Savings

Contain energy costs while maximizing efficiency in every building system.

Longer Lifespan

Extend the lifespan of your systems to ensure decades of utility.

Occupant Comfort

Create a healthy, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for the building’s occupants.


Modern building systems are complex and require a high level of oversight to ensure your full satisfaction with the finished result. DMA Engineering directs a new construction commissioning plan to maintain accountability, prioritize efficiency, save money, and minimize risks for the best possible outcome.

The investment is well worth it. U.S. Department of Energy figures show the operating costs of a commissioned building can be up to 20% lower than those of a non-commissioned building. Plus, a properly commissioned building provides decades of maximum occupant comfort.

New Building Commissioning: Top QA Checks for Building Automation and Mechanical Systems

Ensure your systems meet the highest standards of performance and efficiency.

What is New Building Systems Commissioning?

Building system commissioning for new construction, is a process that ensures a building’s systems and components match the owner’s specifications. The process brings together designers, contractors, owners, and other stakeholders to conduct a wide range of activities from documenting system details to performing tests and inspections.

The goal of building commissioning is to make sure every aspect of the building’s new systems will meet or exceed owner’s performance standards. If problems arise, solutions are quickly implemented to prevent further issues.

Construction commissioning is different from retro-commissioning or re-commissioning, which are forms of commissioning of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in existing buildings. New building commissioning starts from scratch and typically continues for at least 12 months after building occupancy. This allows owners the time to adjust and optimize the systems to ensure satisfactory operation.

Commissioning a new building calls for a collaborative style and a cross-disciplinary approach. The objectivity, independence, experience, and professionalism of your commissioning partner will determine whether you experience a successful outcome. Choose an engineering firm with the reputation and background to deliver proven results.

Savings resulting from commissioning offsets the cost of implementing a building commissioning process. Recent studies indicate that on average, operating costs of a commissioned building range from 8–20% below that of a non-commissioned building.

Continuous Commissioning Guidebook, U.S. Department of Energy

5 Facts About New Building Commissioning


The term “commissioning” originally comes from shipbuilding. Before a ship can be awarded the title of a commissioned craft, it must achieve strict milestones.

A single, small deficiency in just one building system component can result in a lifetime of sub-optimal performance among many other components and systems.

Commissioned buildings tend to experience far less downtime during their usable lives, saving considerable money for building owners.

It’s becoming more common for building owners to request training as part of their building commissioning services – which is something DMA Engineering can provide.

Since 2005, total building commissioning has been considered the nationwide standard for public spaces, government buildings, and critical facilities.

Why Choose DMA Engineering for Your New Building Commissioning Project?

DMA Engineering is one of the pioneering firms to focus exclusively on renewable building energy systems, energy-efficient designs, and ongoing commissioning client satisfaction. Over more than 15 years of commissioning work, our projects have consistently surpassed minimum requirements to provide outstanding comfort and efficiency.

You’ll find that we not only have broad skills across the spectrum of commissioning needs, but we also offer specialization in certain skill sets: building automation, HVAC/R systems design, LEED certification, energy consulting services, retro-commissioning, and more. Our teams have the knowledge and collaborative style it takes to accomplish successful commissioning projects for our clients.

If your goal is to create a building that will be environmentally responsible, DMA Engineering is your ideal commissioning partner. We not only help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your energy-efficient systems but also guide the process of optimizing each system to benefit the people inside and the planet outside.

DMA Engineering: Commercial Energy Audits

Our New Building Commissioning Strengths

From working proactively planning your project to enhancing your results with our expertise in energy planning and consumption, we’ll show you why we’re among the most respected commissioning experts in the industry.

  • Project management
  • Proactive planning
  • Comprehensive coordination
  • Effective documentation
  • Focused quality assurance
  • Energy consulting services
  • Building construction knowledge and understanding

Simplifying Complex Systems

We make complicated building systems uncomplicated. Our goal is always to support your understanding of the entire project from start to finish. If you need more information about a complex system in your project, just ask.

  • We’ll explain technical terms in clear, concise language for your team.
  • Our quality assurance procedures ensure you get the desired outcomes.
  • Building automation systems (BAS) are simplified and streamlined.

Oversight and Problem-Solving

Today’s highly complex systems call for comprehensive commissioning. Every piece and part of a building system is interconnected with other aspects of the system, plus all systems across the building. We direct smooth interconnectivity.

  • We offer problem-solving oversight in building systems commissioning to maximize the efficiency of your building at all levels.
  • From the owner’s project requirements (OPR) to the basis of design (BOD) deficiency log, we identify and resolve problems to support a successful project.

Mechanical Systems Care

The care and maintenance of your mechanical systems can make or break your building’s long-term efficiency. We take great care to understand your systems and make suggestions about mechanical operation and maintenance.

  • Mechanical systems require ongoing care and adjustment.
  • DMA Engineering follows buildings to completion and beyond.
  • We’ll help you in reducing risks and operating expenses for your mechanical systems.

Building Automated Systems

Any automated system in your building will require thoughtful calibration and adjustment. DMA Engineering is a nationwide leader in commissioning automated systems in buildings and facilities.

  • We’ll ensure every detail meets the design intent of the systems.
  • Your commissioning project will have meticulous quality assessments.
  • We hold the highest standards of excellence, including top-to-bottom and end-to-end quality assurance.

Navigating Permits in Construction Commissioning

Strict building codes mean every part of the building commissioning process must work in harmony with applicable regulations. DMA Engineering ensures the permitting process goes as smoothly as possible with the following steps.

  • Create a comprehensive list of systems and features for code review.
  • Review design plans to check for code compliance.
  • Design construction specifications with permit requirements in mind.
  • Develop pre-functional and functional checklists for specifications.
  • Create a commissioning report confirming code and permitting details.

End-to-End Solutions

We provide an end-to-end solution, meaning we won’t simply generate a report and leave you hanging. We’re your partner throughout the construction phase and for 12 months after construction.

  • You have consistent access to our expertise in problem-solving.
  • We work as an unbiased third party during the quality assurance phase to manage accountability and accomplish mutually acceptable resolutions.
  • Our team will stay on task until issues are resolved and you’re satisfied with the results.

Building commissioning has emerged as the preferred method of ensuring that building systems are installed and operated to provide the performance envisioned by the designer.

Continuous Commissioning Guidebook, U.S. Department of Energy

DMA New Construction Commissioning - Building and Mechanical Systems Checks

What We Do: New Building Construction Commissioning

We’ve completed more than 100 successful projects using our proven approach to end-to-end quality assurance in automation and mechanical systems for new buildings. Here are the key steps we’ll follow in your project’s commissioning process for buildings and systems.


Early Planning and Coordination

  • Start commissioning in the project’s early stages.
  • Participate in value engineering activities during the design phase.
  • Involve all relevant stakeholders.
  • Establish clear communication channels and expectations.

Integrated Design Process

  • Put our energy and commissioning expertise to use on your project.
  • Use our consulting services to achieve Executive Order and Energy Policy Act Goals.
  • Integrate commissioning activities into the design process.
  • Ensure incorporation of sustainable and energy-efficient features from the beginning.
  • Create a control and management plan for the commissioning process.

Innovative and Practical Design Strategies

  • Review the design team’s innovative and practical strategies.
  • Conduct a life cycle cost analysis for informed design choices.
  • Select durable materials and systems with minimal maintenance.
  • Ensure adherence to industry standards.
  • Incorporate maintenance-friendly features.

Comprehensive Documentation

  • Create commissioning plans, checklists, and reports.
  • Track commissioning comments and concerns throughout design and construction.
  • Ensure transparency, accountability, and a basis for ongoing system optimization.
  • Provide operation and maintenance manuals for smooth equipment transition.

Verification and Testing

  • Thoroughly verify and test building systems, including HVAC, lighting, and water systems.
  • Ensure systems are operating according to the design intent and meeting performance criteria.


  • Provide training for building operators and occupants.
  • Focus on the use and maintenance of sustainable features and systems.

Ongoing Commissioning

  • Implement ongoing commissioning for continuous monitoring and system optimization.
  • Address issues promptly through continuous monitoring.


  • Seek LEED certification.
  • Demonstrate compliance with sustainable and energy-efficient practices.

Our Approach to Building Commissioning Services

DMA Engineering’s approach to new construction commissioning adheres to all fundamental tenets of sustainability and LEED Commissioning Certification Standards. The result is an environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, and high-performance building.

DMA Engineering will:

 Review contractor submissions.
Verify the inclusion of systems manual requirements, operator training requirements, and occupant training requirements in construction documents.
Check systems manual updates and delivery.
Determine operator and occupant training effectiveness.
Verify seasonal testing.
Review building operations 10 months after substantial completion.
Develop an ongoing commissioning plan.
Conduct building envelope commissioning.
Arrange code commissioning.

DMA New Construction Commissioning for Colorado

Construction Commissioning for Colorado

Colorado has a diverse energy environment with a strong state-level commitment to maintaining sustainability. DMA Engineering is a Colorado leader in optimizing energy consumption, implementing sustainable technology, and ensuring our clients are aligned with the state’s efforts to reach energy efficiency goals.


Areas We Serve in Colorado:

  • Aspen
  • Aurora
  • Basalt
  • Colorado Springs
  • Denver
  • Eastern Plains
  • Fort Collins
  • Grand Junction
  • Lakewood
  • Loveland
  • Pueblo
  • Rocky Mountain Front Range
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Southern Colorado
  • Thornton
  • Vail
  • Western Slope

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