Retro-Commissioning Poor Performing Buildings

Jun 3, 2021DMA Engineering

Health Care Trust of America Project

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Grow up and become a productive member of society.” But what does this mean for buildings? It is our belief that structures we work, live, and play in should abide by a responsibility to our planet.

Case in point — we were hired by HTA (Health Care Trust of America) to specifically address challenges around massive energy consumption, dramatic temperature swings, and subpar indoor air quality. As a firm working within the health care system, this was not acceptable.

DMA was excited about the project because of the opportunity to take advantage of technologies and improvements to bring the building into alignment with the environment. Specific areas we tackled:

  • HVAC re-engineered to address piping, ducting, air systems, building controls
  • HVAC as-built drawings
  • New coil fans


  • Reduced energy consumption by +50%
  • Increased occupant comfort by 40%
  • Better, reduced building maintenance which will deliver ongoing savings
  • Increased flexibility for tenant improvements with accurate drawings

Our principal, Steven Forrester, loves to talk with like-minded green professionals on topics just like this. He’s passionate about buildings being accountable to the environment. Feel free to drop us a line to get in touch.