SROriginals Bakery

Denver, CO


Project Description

Due to a building expansion, the 13,666sf Steven Rogers Original Desserts bakery produced unexpected excessive heat, so the existing evaporative cooling system couldn’t sufficiently reduce temperatures to comfortable and required levels.

As the designers of the original system in the smaller facility, DMA Engineering was asked by the owner to evaluate the new conditions and requirements.

DMA determined that the increased load was much greater than the originally specified evaporative cooling system could achieve, and provided a schematic design outlining several options to provide adequate cooling to the enlarged bakery. Options included increased evaporative cooling, stand-alone chiller and fan coil systems, and tying into the existing ammonia refrigeration system and coupling it with water-to-air fan coils.

The owner chose to integrate the new cooling with the existing ammonia system, so working with the mechanical contractor, DMA designed both fan coils and the air-side distribution system. One remaining question needed to be answered adequately to insure the cooling needs were going to be met: Due to the complexity of the situation, DMA provided Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling (CFDM) of the heat transfer between the airflow and pan cooling. From the CFDM information, we were able to accurately design the ducting and 100T of fan coil cooling. Additionally, the air distribution system used Duct Sox in order to achieve the bakery’s “cleanability” and enhanced maintenance requirements.


Project Images