Boulder, CO


Project Description

The homeowner wanted a complete renovation of the entire house (down to the studs)—including all mechanical , water, heating and cooling systems—in order to make it a Net Zero Energy home. The entire mechanical system needed to be revamped in order to conform with Boulder County BuildSmart regulations, which was especially challenging due to the presence of a home workshop, pool and spa.

After performing energy modeling, DMA Engineering determined that due to unique aspects of the building, the cooling load was not significant and we would be able to meet the cooling load demands using innovative radiant heating and cooling technologies. No HERS rating was required due to our remodeling.

A 12T water-to-water Ground Source Heat Pump system provides all heating and cooling for residents, as well as well as for pool and spa heating. The system is coupled with a boiler for pool startup.

DMA’s design also utilizes a state of the art control system to insure all systems function as designed. We also worked closely with the solar contractor to meet the onsite energy generation requirements necessary to achieve Net Zero Energy certification.

Studio B – Architect

Treeline Custom Homes – General Contractor


Project Photos