White Hawk Ranch
Boulder, CO

Project Description

It is entirely possible to build one of the largest homes in Boulder County, spanning an impressive 13,000 square feet, all while achieving a remarkable HERS score of zero. What’s more, DMA incorporated a luxurious swimming pool and spa into this exceptional residence.

To fully capitalize on the breathtaking mountain views, we utilized expansive western-facing glazing throughout the home. However, we recognized the need to maintain optimal comfort and address potential overheating concerns associated with the radiant floor system. As a result, the homeowners specifically requested the expertise of a specialized mechanical engineer to implement radiant cooling technologies.

That’s where DMA Engineering stepped in. We were contracted to provide comprehensive services, including energy modeling, system analysis, system design, and advanced modeling utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling (CFDM) specifically for the radiant cooling system.

Our team at DMA meticulously designed the entire mechanical system, which comprised four fan-coil units, over 25 radiant zones, 18 tons of ground source heat pump water-to-water units integrated with energy recovery units, and a cutting-edge control system that sets a new standard.

In addition, DMA actively participated in the commissioning process to ensure that the system operated flawlessly in accordance with its intended design. With our expertise and dedication, we ensured that every aspect of this exceptional project was meticulously executed to perfection.