Stunning Residence in Longmont, CO

Project Description

Discover the marvel of this extraordinary Longmont, Colorado, home—expertly crafted with assistance from DMA Engineering. At the core of this luxury residence lies a 5-ton hydronic ground source heat pump, complemented by a reliable boiler backup. We meticulously designed this system to cater to the 3,500 square foot area, ensuring optimal heating throughout the entire residence with control over 18 radiant zones.

For cooling needs, we introduced a dedicated hydronic fan coil unit, delivering efficient temperature control and creating a comfortable ambiance. One standout feature of this system is its integration into the homeowner’s beer brewing process, playing a vital role in cooling the wort and enhancing brewing precision and enjoyment.

In addition, we prioritized the circulation of fresh air, fostering a healthy and invigorating living environment. By seamlessly incorporating Energy Recovery Ventilators, we guaranteed a continuous supply of clean, revitalizing air, promoting overall well-being.

At DMA Engineering, we take great pride in bringing exceptional residences to life. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality shines through in this remarkable project.