Net Zero Luxury Residence
Denver, CO

Project Description

Welcome to this Net Zero Energy (NZE) home that exemplifies DMA’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Through our design process, we created a 7-ton hydronic ground source heat pump system perfectly tailored to this spacious 6,100 square foot property.

This powerful system efficiently powers 20 radiant floor zones, ensuring optimal heating and cooling throughout the entire home. In addition to the radiant floor zones, we have also incorporated a radiant wall zone and two fan coil units to provide comprehensive temperature control and comfort.

To further enhance the sustainability of the residence, we integrated a solar thermal system. This system not only meets 100% of the domestic hot water needs but also efficiently heats the outdoor hot tub and wave pool, allowing for year-round enjoyment.

Recognizing the importance of fresh and clean air, we incorporated Energy Recovery Ventilators into the system. This guarantees a continuous supply of refreshing and healthy air throughout the residence, promoting a comfortable and invigorating living environment.

One of the standout features of this NZE Home is the 10 KW solar PV plant. With this remarkable addition, the residence achieves net zero energy consumption, making a significant contribution to reducing its environmental impact.

At DMA Engineering, we are proud to have contributed our expertise and passion for sustainability to this exceptional residence.