Marshall Fire Rebuild

Project Description

In December 2021, the Marshall Fire in Colorado took 1000 homes in just one day. Two separate fires erupted and, with the addition of 100 mph winds, left devastation in its wake. Some of the homeowners who lost their homes in the Marshall Fire have chosen to build back using energy-efficient mechanical systems, utilizing a very tight building envelope. DMA is proud to be providing energy and mechanical services for one such new residence rebuilt on the site.

The new residence, measuring at 3,000 square feet, includes two above-grade floors and a basement with an attached garage and will utilize electric heating and cooling with a ground source heat pump. With the many attractive incentives and rebates the owner’s will have a state of the art heating and cooling system for the cost of a conventional forced air system. Owners engaged DMA to provide a Passive House feasibility study, energy modeling, HERS ratings, Energy Star Certification, and Trade-Off Analysis, along with full design services.

The graphic below depicts a duct system comprising the supply, return, and exhaust systems, and showcases the essential equipment required for the proper functioning of air conditioning. This includes the indoor unit of the heat pump and the Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV).

This represents a typical arrangement of an air conditioning duct system in residential homes, and will be the model utilized in the Marshall Fire rebuild. We are excited to help these homeowners start a new and sustainable chapter after such loss, and we are filled with a renewed pride in the strength and resilience of our Colorado communities.