Luxury Home in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

Project Description

Presenting this remarkable residence, outfitted with a 20-ton hydronic ground source heat pump, expertly designed by DMA Engineering.

This system was specifically tailored for the expansive 18,000 square foot property, showcasing its efficiency and power. With the ability to effectively serve 33 radiant heating and cooling zones, it ensures optimal comfort throughout the entire residence. Notably, the system extends its functionality to accommodate a snowmelt zone, a pool, a spa, and four hydronic fan coil units dedicated to cooling.

Furthermore, to ensure a constant supply of fresh air, the system incorporates Energy Recovery Ventilators that are also used as the makeup air system for the three range hoods. The system is controlled using a state of the art of control system that seamlessly integrates into the SAVANT home automation system. This outstanding engineering achievement exemplifies both exceptional comfort and remarkable energy efficiency, truly setting it apart.

The home was designed By Ekmann Design Studio and careful coordination with Architectural, Structural and HVAC systems was a must. Build by Bond General contractors project it was required to provide construction support in a timely manner to keep the project moving forward.

DMA remains on site for this family as they settle into their new home. Commissioning a building continues for at least 12 months after the building has been occupied. This gives owners a chance to tweak any new systems to ensure long-term optimization and cost-effectiveness and to make sure everything is running within the expected parameters.