Luxury & Energy Efficiency Year Round
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

Project Description

Welcome to another extraordinary luxury residence in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. We are proud to showcase the meticulous mechanical system designed by DMA Engineering exclusively for this expansive 12,000 square foot home. At the heart of this system lies a robust sixteen-ton hydronic ground source heat pump, complemented by a reliable boiler backup. This formidable combination powers the residence flawlessly, catering to 18 radiant zones, as well as a snowmelt zone and four hydronic fan coil units, providing efficient and effective cooling.

To ensure a consistent flow of fresh air, DMA integrated Energy Recovery Ventilators into the system, enhancing indoor air quality and overall comfort. Since its installation in 2012, the homeowners and their esteemed guests have enjoyed unparalleled comfort and remarkable energy efficiency year-round, thanks to DMA Engineering’s exceptional design and engineering expertise.