First Universalist Church Renovation
Denver, CO

Project Description

The First Universalist Church wanted to renovate their building and add a new foyer into the building. The sustainability group of the church wished to make the church net zero and engaged DMA Engineering to provide energy modeling with estimated energy consumption of various proposed systems and approximate systems costs. The church ultimately raised the required funds to move forward with a ground source heat pump system. DMA proceeded with an efficient system design using LED’s for lighting, ground source heat pump system for the heating and cooling, and energy recovery ventilators for fresh air requirements.

The church has a preschool and Sunday school that required unique ventilation to accompany the renovation. The existing system had no provisions for ventilation and the revised design addressed this using a dedicated outside air system using energy recovery ventilators. To meet the net zero goal, DMA assisted the solar photovoltaic contractor with the required infrastructure, supporting energy modeling for the utility, and all rebates offered through the local utility.

Results: DMA successfully designed and help implement solutions for the church resulting in a net zero space that gives back to the members of the church and the community.