Elegant Yet Efficient Residence

Project Description

DMA is engaged in the designed of a cutting-edge and energy-efficient luxury residence located in Boulder. The homeowner’s commitment to energy efficiency shines through in the meticulously planned features, such as a dedicated thermal solar panel solely designed for pool heating and a greenhouse that contributes to the house’s warmth, ultimately leading to a significant reduction in overall electrical energy consumption.

This impressive new residence boasts a three-level structure, including two above-grade levels and one below-grade level, encompassing a generous 6,533 square feet of living space. The property encompasses a swimming pool, a greenhouse, and a casita, all thoughtfully integrated into the design. The construction adheres to the highest standards, with a focus on creating a well-insulated building envelope that has the potential to meet passive house standards, combined with an efficient mechanical system.

The greenhouse primarily relies on passive heating through a Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT®) system. Additionally, a carefully engineered ducting system connects the house to the greenhouse, allowing for the efficient circulation of warm air from the greenhouse into the residence when needed for heating, maximizing the use of excess heat from the greenhouse.

Regarding the casita’s heating, the current preferred solution is to implement an Air Source Heat Pump. A comprehensive financial analysis will be conducted to evaluate the viability of using these proposed heat pumps for this purpose. The final decision on the heating and cooling systems for the Casita will be informed by the results of the financial payback analysis.

Throughout the design process, DMA is working closely with the owner to ensure that simplicity takes precedence over complexity whenever possible. The goal is to achieve a streamlined mechanical system that aligns with the homeowner’s vision for an elegant yet efficient residence.