County Line
Denver, CO

Project Description

DMA Engineering undertook this exciting project in the heart of Colorado’s commercial landscape. We helped our client transformed not one, but two aging properties into top-tier facilities, ensuring they meet the highest standards in functionality and efficiency.

The first structure, spanning an impressive 80,000 square feet, and the second, a 40,000 square foot medical office building (MOB), presented unique challenges and opportunities. Over the years, these buildings had unfortunately fallen into a state of neglect, with many of their essential components showing signs of wear and tear. The majority of fan coils were underperforming due to a lack of proper maintenance, the heating and cooling systems were far from optimized, and the ducting failed to meet the needs of the tenants.

With limited initial drawings to work from, our team conducted thorough surveys during off-hours and weekends. These surveys provided the foundation for us to craft precise architectural and mechanical drawings that served as the cornerstone of our extensive renovation project.

Our ultimate goal? To deliver a comprehensive set of mechanical drawings that not only met industry standards but also exceeded expectations. These drawings played a pivotal role in securing competitive bids and, most importantly, in revitalizing and upgrading the entire mechanical system of these remarkable buildings.

At DMA Engineering, we’re committed to delivering engineering solutions that stand the test of time, ensuring your investments are not only protected but poised for success.


HealthCare Trust of America – Client