Boulder Home—Where Luxury Meets Innovation

Project Description

DMA Engineering is proud to be in both the Mechanical Design and Energy Life Cycle Cost Analysis phases of this exquisite luxury home project located in scenic Boulder. Our commitment to precision, innovation, and client satisfaction drives us to design systems that make this home as energy efficient as possible while meeting Boulder’s stringent energy requirements for new construction. Here’s a glimpse of what this project entails:

Thermal Comfort: At the heart of our design lies the client’s thermal comfort. With meticulous attention to detail, we have tailored the heating and cooling systems to meet their exacting preferences. This includes a cozy 68°F for heating throughout, a refreshing 72°F for bedroom cooling, and a comfortable 78°F for the rest of the house.

Noise Sensitivity: Understanding our client’s heightened sensitivity to sound, we’ve prioritized noise control. They’ve rated their sound perception at an impressive 9 out of 10. Specific concerns include high-frequency noise, fan noise, and air movement. We’ve also taken into account the distinction between duct noise, often described as a “whistling” sound, and mechanical equipment noise, resembling a “rumble.”

Swimming Pool and Spa: The swimming pool will spring to life from April to October, perfectly timed with ambient temperatures exceeding 60°F. DMA Engineering has ensured the pool’s setpoint will be within a comfortable range of 68°F to 88°F, all while being mindful of operational costs. Meanwhile, the spa offers year-round relaxation at a soothing 104°F, with operational schedules tailored to the client’s preferences.

Snowmelt: Together with the homeowners, we’re exploring the possibility of a snowmelt system around the spa. This addition will enhance safety and convenience during the colder months.

Natural Gas/Propane Appliances: In line with our client’s eco-conscious preferences, we’re considering alternative power sources and the potential inclusion of both indoor and outdoor gas-powered fireplaces.

Kitchen Hoods: Details regarding kitchen hoods are currently under review. DMA is meticulously determining the required capacity for makeup air ducting and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) bypass to ensure optimal functionality.

Heated Garage With EV Chargers: This project boasts a heated garage with a toasty 55°F setting, along with provisions for a battery backup system to support two electric cars during charging.

Integration and Economizer Cooling: The homeowner has negotiated the use of an advanced window system with automatic controls, synchronized with the time of day. DMA Engineering’s commitment to innovation extends to the seamless integration of the HVAC system and associated Control System with this window technology. This dynamic integration promises economizer cooling, elevating both energy efficiency and overall comfort.

Stay tuned as we bring this exceptional project to life, where luxury meets innovation, and client vision becomes reality.

Image Credit: bldg.collective architecture + design