Project Profile: SROriginals Bakery

Mar 2, 2022DMA Engineering

DMA Engineering provided engineering services for the large commercial bakery at the SROriginals Aurora Facility. The bakery was running too hot for the employees in the bakery, which was particularly problematic since both the business and the facility are continually growing.
We worked with the bakery’s personnel to develop a plan that provides adequate cooling for the space. This plan evaluated expanding the ammonia system to incorporate a chilled water system, standalone chiller system and expand the current evaporative coolers. Due to the combustion requirements of the ovens we had to be sensitive to the makeup air required.

Based on this plan, DMA worked with Rocky Mountain Mechanical Systems who performed an ammonia chiller systems upgrade to provide chilled water for the water to air fan coils. As part of our services, we provided the design of the airside system and the base heat load calculations. To calculate the base heat load it was necessary to determine how to best balance the oven load with the energy provided by the fan coils. The unique combination of the ovens and this specific space determined that a computer model was needed to calculate the delivered air temperature that was required and the necessary air flow rates. DMA developed a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model that we then used to cross-test several different supply air temperatures and air flow rates. Based on our analysis, we designed a successful airside system that is capable of delivering 100 tons of cooling. A fabric duct system was chosen for ease of installation with the current space, clean ability, and could be fabricated to provide the airflow distribution as required by the CFD model. The reports from bakery personnel have verified that the system is definitely holding to design temperatures and remains comfortable during operation.