Project Profile: First Universalist Church

Jul 6, 2017DMA Engineering

Under Construction: First Universalist Church

DMA Engineering was hired by Barrett Studios to provide both energy modeling and design of the Mechanical and Plumbing systems for the renovation of the First Universalists Church.  The parishioners wanted the building to be very energy efficient –even Net Zero, if possible.  During the extensive renovation, the sanctuary structure was taken down to its foundation, rebuilt and an additional 2,500 square feet was added to the Gathering Hall.  Additionally, the majority of the space usage in the church was changed in order to take maximize the advantage of the newly rebuilt sanctuary.  DMA participated with the design team and the church’s representatives to develop a budget that the church Sustainability Group could use to raise funds.  Our energy modeling was used to determine the size of the solar system and with Xcel Energy rebates.  To achieve the building’s needed heating and cooling loads along with the Net Zero Energy requirements, we designed a ground source heat pump system using 10 ground source heat pumps, and five energy recovery ventilators.  To stay within the budget we had to be very sensitive to costs, so we re-used as much of the existing building ducting as possible.

DMA Engineering is currently working very closely with the rest of the construction team as the building is scheduled to be completed before the 2017 holiday season.  More updates will come as construction concludes and the parishioners enjoy their new space.