Electric Heating is the Future

Nov 2, 2020DMA Engineering

It’s a brave new world.

Viruses travel. We’ve learned how critical that is in 2020, thanks to COVID-19. We know viruses travel through forced air and cooling. Electric heating is the future, through radiant heat and cooling. Radiant heating and cooling limit the cross-contamination of a forced-air system. 

What’s great about pivoting towards electric heating to prevent the spread of airborne illness is that it also reduces CO2 emissions. Electric heating can deliver more energy with smaller equipment as well. Water has better thermal properties than air and delivers higher occupant comfort. The equipment also uses less embedded carbon – because ceiling heights and structural members can be reduced. Add in heat pumps and heat recovery efficiencies can be achieved which are above and beyond what a forced-air system can do. 

DMA Engineering strongly recommends that all new designs feature radiant heating and cooling technologies We recommend retrofitting existing buildings coupled with electric heating.  DMA Engineering has the expertise to model, design, and commission these systems to help support a healthier workspace, occupant comfort, and what’s best for our planet. DMA is here to do the right thing.