It’s DMA Engineering’s 10th Anniversary

Mar 29, 2019DMA Engineering, Steven Forrester - Principal

Heck Yeah!

DMA has been innovating Energy, Mechanical & Plumbing Systems in the Greater Denver Metro area FOR 10 YEARS!

Ten years ago today was my last day as an employee of a company I wasn’t a stakeholder in–and when I committed to create DMA Engineering in my vision of what a sustainable engineering firm should be.

I had been freelancing for two years–with 80-hour weeks that were starting to wear me down–when I realized the opportunity was right, so I took the plunge!
Ten years later, a little battered and a little bruised, and here we are.

I “didn’t know how much I didn’t know”, but with some grit and determination (and more than a little stubbornness!) we are now company of three engineers, two contract helpers, two half time support staff and myself–and are currently looking to bring on another engineer. We have worked on some cool projects and worked with some amazing people as well. Projects tend to come and go (as they always do, of course) but we are fortunate to have formed fantastic relationships with some outstanding repeat clients.

I want to thank all of you for being with us these past ten years.
I’m going into the next ten years a little wiser and will lead even more amazing projects.
Just as importantly, I’m looking forward to even stronger creative relationships with all of you.

Cheers and thank you,
Steven Forrester