Designing a Business to Meet Client Expectations

Jan 1, 2022DMA Engineering, Steven Forrester - Principal

In 2022 we at DMA started focusing more heavily on building envelope consulting along with our mechanical system designs. As our client expectations are rising so are outdoor temperatures. The challenges of maintaining a 70°F cooling set point indoors on an outside air temperature of 100°F are becoming greater and more difficult to overcome with mechanical systems alone. Having a better building envelope not only reduces the size of the HVAC system, but also allows for a more comfortable space.

To better strengthen DMA’s offerings to meet such challenges, Gabriel and I have obtained our Certified Passive House Designer Certificates through PHI. Alex is getting his HERS Certificate finalized with the field work this month. Next, we are looking to hire a dedicated Energy Engineer to perform DMA’s energy modeling, finite element analysis of thermal breaks, and computational fluid dynamics of more complicated spaces.

All these offerings will better serve our clients and ensure that expectations for their spaces are met. As we roll into 2023, the DMA team is focusing on being a more vertically integrated organization that provides energy and mechanical engineering—streamlining our project delivery.