Ongoing Commissioning

What is fault detection and diagnostics, continuing or ongoing commissioning?

To make a building reach its intended operating parameters, owners must employ a commissioning process as opposed to a one-time project.

Building owners need software to make this happen.

Using data analytics to perform optimization and fault detection diagnostics to predict failures before they happen requires a powerful tool. In today’s market of competing OPeX funds, it is essential for building owners to know and ensure their assets are operating as intended. Ongoing commissioning is the solution for you and your tenants. Ongoing commissioning will provide assurance that your building is operating at its optimum, serving the occupants in a healthy manner, and adapting its systems to unforeseen challenges.

Here’s how ongoing commissioning works:

● Implement cloud-based software strategies that can continuously monitor key variables.
● Use of algorithms ensures that your building is operating healthfully and efficiently.
● Employ IoT devices to monitor new parameters, such as building temperature, electricity usage, and water flow.
● Utilize data collection to optimize building operations and be kept aware of changing conditions as they happen.

Outcomes of ongoing commissioning include:

● Flexibility to change parameters to varying operating conditions.
● Lower OPEX and increase NOI.
● Preparing owners to satisfy future building codes that require data analytics and storage.

To gain an idea of the technology that DMA uses to provide ongoing commissioning for our clients, view these two videos: