Drive More Tenants To Your Commercial Buildings, Safely

Better Indoor Air Quality Means More Tenants & More Revenue

The fact is that keeping a tenant in your building during these uncertain times is the key to your success.

A building readiness plan is necessary for operating your building effectively. Working with qualified professionals will implement the best solutions for your building. Below is an outline of the process, reach out to maximize your occupancy.

Understanding these challenges, what concrete steps can building owners take to protect people’s health and safety? How can they mitigate the risk of cross-contamination in their buildings and regain the trust of tenants that their environments are safe?

DMA Engineering has spent the last six months investigating the indoor air quality problem and helping building owners answer these crucial questions.

We evaluate your building to understand how it is currently functioning. We take inventory of all systems that need to be addressed for operating properly during the pandemic. We look at all available options to fit your specific building needs the epidemic, per current industry guidelines.

Our team has thoroughly evaluated the best ways to eliminate cross-contamination in your building. Our case study for Doctors Care explains the issue, options to improve your indoor air quality, and how to finance the investment.

Making Indoor Air Quality Safe

HVAC Solutions to Mitigate COVID-19

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