AIA Colorado: Restaurant Design in A Pandemic

Jun 8, 2020DMA Engineering, Steven Forrester - Principal

Happy to share the AIA Colorado Virtual Connect presentation from “Restaurant Design in a Pandemic”. I was on the panel amongst top Colorado architects, providing an engineering POV and top considerations for ventilation. Ventilation is a key factor in eliminating viral spread.

At DMA, we are working on a technical whitepaper to provide guidance on solutions that can be deployed now, as well as a business case study, and assistance on securing CPACE financing to fund it. As soon as that is complete, we will share it on our website for anyone who is interested in creating a clean, healthy, and enjoyable dining experience. Let’s bring back the communal dining-out experience, but do it in a healthy, energy-efficient way that maintains our collective health.

DMA is also happy to bring an HVAC POV to any of your commissioning projects. Contact Us!