Town of Lyons Town Shop and Operations Building

Lyons, CO


Project Description

DMA Engineering recently completed the design for the replacement of the Lyons Town Shop that was destroyed in the September 2013 flood.
The development also included a new operations building that has a maintenance area with two automotive bays, an office area that incorporates a training area, conference area, locker room area, server room, and break room.

The town shop utilizes an overhead unitary heating system with the bathrooms being heated by electric strip heat and ventilated with an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV).  The operation building’s maintenance area is heated with overhead radiant heaters and ventilated using a side wall exhaust fan and outside louver.  The office area is heated with two light commercial furnaces and split system air conditioning with zone control.  The office area ventilation is provided by an energy recover ventilator that delivers a high level of indoor air quality while reducing the building loads.
DMA also provided the plumbing engineering for both buildings’ domestic hot and cold water along with the sanitary drainage including the maintenance and storage areas, with both buildings sharing a common sand/oil interceptor that required precise coordination with the civil engineer.

Eidos Architects – Architect


Project Photos