Denver, CO


Project Description

A 40,000 square foot office building split equally on two levels.

The building was built in the late 70’s and still had the original Heating, Cooling and Ventialtion Equipment.  The roof top units were starting to have comnpressor failures and used a refrigerant that was being phased out of use.  The building owner’s were looking at a significant capital outlay which they determined that the CPACE program would give them access to the capital to replace the rooftop units while also implemting additional energy conservation measures.

In addition to the required ASHRAE Level III Energy Audit fo CPACE we participated with the building owner’s in deciphering five energy conservation measures that could be configured into mutliple energy conservartion scenarios. Our participation included producing a written report outling the results of the energy audit, a preliminary budget, and simple payback analysis.  The report contained charts and graphs breaking down the information into a readable and understandable format for non-industry buildng owner’s.  We met with the owner’s went through the report and then assisted them in making a determination on the energy conservation measure to be implemented.

DMA’s Unique Advantage: Presented complex data to the client in a layman, readable format in graphs and charts in our final report and presentation.

Building Energy Performance – Client


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