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Mechanical and Plumbing Systems for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Mechanical and Plumbing Systems for Commercial and Residential Buildings

  • Residential:
    Our residential systems focus on giving the client a high quality system, performs as it is intended and is aligned with the customers values.
  • Recreational and Hospitality:
    Recreational and Hospitality facilities offer many opportunities to gain efficiencies due the varied usages and unique heating and cooling demands. For example, we can use the swimming pool to reject the heat from the ice making and refrigeration systems. Complete engineering services.
  • Industrial:
    Many industrial facilities are viewed as the process of the facility is one system while the building electrical, heating and cooling systems are another. Many times incorporating all the building systems has a significant system savings and lower building energy usage.
  • Commercial:
    Commercial buildings have the unique challenge of balancing first cost with long term operating cost. We at DMA engineering base our designs, whether it is tenant finish or core and shell, with the client’s long term goals and current budget.

DMA Engineering is a Colorado based engineering firm providing services for the building industry. We serve the Industrial, Institutional, Recreational, Hospitality, Commercial and Residential markets. Our services range from new high-end residential, tenant improvements, green commercial buildings, energy analysis, energy modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and avdvanced heat transfer.

Our mission is to provide the client with mechanical and plumbing designs that meet project goals and budget while building the most efficient system. Energy efficiency is our guidepost while helping the client balance capital costs over long term operating costs.

Whether meeting stringent energy codes or aiming for zero net energy use, we can supply cost effective solutions. Our net zero projects in Denver and Boulder typically incorporate geothermal (ground source heat pumps), solar photo voltaic (Solar PV), solar thermal (hot water), high efficiency boilers, and other renewable energies.

Renewable Energy Systems

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